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OK LEGAL was founded in 2017 by its current partner and manager, Ondřej Kurka, and it builds upon his previous professional practice and experience. Our aim and motivation is to bring the high standard of legal service and our experience from the leading Czech and international law firms and adapt it to a widest range of clients.

We are based in Opava, where we render most legal services. In 2020 we have established a branch in Prague. We are, however, fully equipped to provide services anywhere in the Czech Republic and, with the use of modern communication technologies, practically anywhere.

Our legal team is composed to provide a top-level legal service in all areas of practice. The services we deal with most are listed here.

High proficiency and professionality of each member of our team is a standard in OK LEGAL. We are effectively using modern technologies to provide quick and quality service at the best possible terms. We guarantee absolute discretion and a high standard of data security; maintaining the full agenda in electronic form is not a problem for us. Naturally, we will render all services also in English language.

We collaborate with all related professions, including notaries, sworn experts, interpreters and executors, which enables us to provide complex solutions to most of your issues. Thanks to our access to the main registers, we offer useful additional service and help, such as background checks and automated monitoring of creditworthiness.

We maintain an above standard professional insurance of 130 million CZK for each individual case of legal service.

In case you are interested in our services, please, do not hesitate to contact us! Given our usual business, please try to book a meeting at least one week in advance

Ondřej Kurka foto

Mgr. Ondřej Kurka Attorney-at-law, Partner

Civil Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Energy Law, Data Protection, Litigation

Radka Mutinová foto

Mgr. Radka Mutinová Attorney-at-law

Litigation, Real Estate, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law

Petr Dušek foto

Mgr. Petr Dušek Attorney-at-law

Corporate & Commercial Law, Real Estate, Employment, Regulatory, IP&IT law, European Law

Kateřina Flegrová foto

Mgr. Kateřina Flegrová Attorney-at-law

Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Procedural Law, Data Protection

Zuzana Bystrická foto

Mgr. Zuzana Bystrická Attorney-at-law

Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment, Intellectual Property, Civil Law, Litigation

Lukáš Rosenberk foto

Mgr. Lukáš Rosenberk Attorney-at-Law

Civil Law, Family Law, Criminal Law

Eva Szotkovská foto

Mgr. Eva Szotkovská Associate

Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law

Adam Taraba foto

Mgr. Adam Taraba Associate

občanské právo, obchodní právo a trestní právo

Václav Mucala foto

Václav Mucala Associate

Civil Law, Copyright Law, Personal Rights


Real Estate

We deal with real estate law on a daily basis.

Most frequently we deal with real estate transfers. We will provide everything you need in this respect – from transfer agreements (i.e. purchase agreements, donation agreements etc.), through supplementary and security documents (i.e. especially pledge agreements, future agreements, reservation agreements), to representation before cadastral offices and other authorities and tax solutions. As standard, we offer escrow agreements to secure the rights of both the seller and the purchaser.

We are proficient both in small transfers and in large real estate transactions, both in the form of asset deals and share deals, including the related legal due diligence.

We provide legal advice as well in other fields of real estate law – lease of residential and non-residential premises, easements and joint-ownership. We represent owner associations and prepare full documentation necessary for their operation. We know construction and development, we will procure contracts for work with contractors, architects and other suppliers, investor tenders and representation in complicated proceedings before building authorities.

Ikona občanské právo

Civil Law

The new Civil Code is not an issue for us in any aspect and we consider this our competitive advantage.

We are fully equipped to deal with any issue related to civil law. We offer qualified legal advice especially in the preparation of any contracts or other documentation, commercial terms, , their review or negotiation of their content with the counterparty. We advise on general civil, consumer and B2B relationships.

We also regularly deal with neighbor relations, family law, consumer law and entrepreneurship, inheritance, damage compensation and unjust enrichment. We can help you with protection of your personality rights or against unfair competition.

In case you are in a civil or commercial dispute, we will represent you effectively and professionally, regardless of the nature and the subject matter of the dispute.

Ikona trestní právo

Criminal Law

We provide a complex legal advice in Criminal Law. Whether you are in a position of suspect, accused, convicted, victim, injured person or witness, you can rely on us.

We will ensure highly professional representation to both accused and injured persons in all stages of the criminal proceeding; within preparatory proceedings, after accusation and before the court. We are prepared to draft a criminal complaint or any other legal filing within criminal proceedings, including regular or extraordinary remedies (appeals, protests, complaints, extraordinary appeals, petitions for renewal etc.) or constitutional complaints. Our services naturally include also legal advice to convicted persons, including petitions for conditional release, remission of the remainder of the sentence or transfer to a different prison.

Ikona správní právo

Administrative Law

We are fully capable to render legal representation in all matters before state and municipal authorities. You can rely on us if you need to draft a filing to any public authority or to demand redress before a court in case of undue proceeding or maladministration by administrative legal action or by cassation to the Supreme Administrative Court.

On a regular basis, we represent especial in proceedings on administrative offences, building proceedings, proceedings before trade licensing authorities or the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. We will help you with the preparation for any licensing before specialized authorities. We have experience, among other, with representation before the Energy Regulatory Office and the Czech National Bank.

Ikona rodinné právo

Family Law

We offer assistance with all issues related to the property regime of spouses – we draft prenups and procure adjustments (extension, reduction) and settlements of common property. We can help you face a divorce with all the related issues including alimony and regulation of the rights and obligations towards underage children (i.e. child care, determination and adjustments of alimony and its enforcement). Naturally, we can also represent you in all proceedings before the relevant authorities.

Ikona pracovní právo

Employment Law

We offer comprehensive legal advice related to the establishment, changes and termination of employment. We can help you with the preparation of employment and manager agreements as well as the agreements on works performed outside employment relationship. We will deal with the termination of employment (notice of termination, agreement, immediate termination) including any disputes regarding the validity of such termination.

We are also prepared to deal with any other legal issues related to employment including drafting internal regulations for all types of employers and union agreements. We provide ongoing advice on HR issues, such as vacation, salary, health and safety or liability for damages. We have extensive experience in all issues related to employment and residence of foreigner in the Czech Republic.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you can rely on us to provide a highly professional and complex legal service tailored to your particular needs.

Ikona osobní údaje

Data Protection

Due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the field of Data Protection and security has become a major regulatory issue. We recommend to all our clients, all companies and entrepreneurs and practically anyone, who handles personal data, to solve prepare for and to monitor GDRP compliance as much as possible. We regularly advise on data protection and we are prepared to help.

Within our service we will prepare a GDPR solution tailored to your needs. We will help you set up your internal procedures to ensure GDPR compliance and to prepare training sessions according to your needs. We will draft complete internal and external contractual documentation.

Unfortunately, there is no universal procedure, recipe or a set of documents that would ensure GDPR compliance. In order to comply with GDPR obligations, it is necessary to prepare a specific solution for each individual or business. Usually, it is necessary to perform the following process (GDPR analysis):

  1. identification of the GDPR obligations applicable to your business;
  2. description of all activities, which may be treated as processing of personal data pursuant to GDPR, or which are regulated by the GDPR for other reasons;
  3. assessment of your current procedures vis-à-vis the GDPR requirements;
  4. proposal and execution of necessary measures to ensure compliance, and,
  5. proposal of procedures necessary to maintain GDPR compliance in the future.
Ikona soudní spory

Litigation, Arbitration, Execution,
Insolvency or other Proceedings

We will enforce your rights and represent you in any court, arbitration, execution or insolvency proceedings either as the plaintiff, defendant, debtor or creditor.

In case of any dispute, we primarily strive to present your case and raise convincing arguments so that the litigation is not even necessary. However, in case we do not achieve out-of-court settlement, we effectively enforce your rights before the court or in arbitration. If the counterparty fails to comply with court decision, we enforce the obligations in execution proceedings. We are able to help even in cases where the counterparty becomes insolvent and it is necessary to initiate, or participate in an already pending, insolvency proceeding.

Most often we enforce receivables, but we have extensive experience also with real estate disputes, disputes arising from contracts for wok and personality protection disputes.

Nevertheless, we handle disputes from the other side as well. In case you need to defend before the court or against unlawful execution proceedings, you can rely on us.

Ikona korporace a právnické osoby

Corporate Law

As our base service, we provide a full-service related to the establishment, transfers and dissolution of companies and other corporations. Our work usually includes preparation of the articles of association, statutes, general meetings, transfers of ownership interests, shares or other securities and the fulfillment of registration obligations towards the public registers. In collaboration with notaries and experts we will perform any kind of company transformation or transfer of seat.

In addition we offer a highly qualified advice related to the regulation of internal relations within companies including internal rules, manager agreements, corporate governance, shareholder agreements and joint-venture agreements. We also have a lot of experience with bigger acquisitions of companies and SPVs including the related procedures – due diligence, contract negotiation, closing.

We further provide an ongoing legal advice to existing corporation in all legal aspects of their day to day operation and a specialized legal advice for ad hoc projects. We ensure the communication with courts, state authorities, experts, auditors and other professionals.


It is very important to us that both parties are content with the terms of cooperation. We understand that while we are primarily concerned with the time-spent on the service, the client needs to keep the fees reasonable with respect to the expected results. Knowing this, we always strive to find a good compromise beneficial to both us and the client.

Our standard terms are a hourly rate of CZK 2,000 plus VAT (i.e. CZK 2,120 incl. VAT). We apply our standard rate also for initial consultations and until different terms are agreed (see below). Unlike the usual practice on the market, we do not charge per each commenced hour, but per each commenced quarter hour. Therefore, more accurately, our legal service will cost you CZK 500 per each commenced quarter hour and the resulting fee will closely match the actual time-spent on you case. With us, you do not need to be afraid of paying excessive amounts for simple tasks, such as telephone calls.

Our fee does not include reasonable costs related to the legal services rendered, including court, administrative and notarial fees, postage, translator and expert fees and similar costs spent in your benefit. Such costs are borne by the client based on the law. However, we will consult you before spending any significant costs.

In most cases, these terms are significantly more convenient for the client than the fees determined based on the Czech Bar Tariff (i.e. the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll.), which may be charged by any law firm unless different terms are agreed by with the client.

If possible, we strive to achieve a maximum compensation of your costs by the counterparty – i.e. the compensation based on a decision of the court or other authority due to success in dispute or paid by the counterparty in due to out-of-court settlement. Therefore, our clients often receive our legal services at a minimum costs or at no cost at all. In case we achieve the compensation, you will be entitled to this compensation up to the fee you have paid for our legal service on the case. In case the compensation exceeds this fee, we keep the difference.


Fixed fee, Fee cap – In case it is possible to determine the scope of services, at least to certain extent, in advance, we can offer a fixed fee or at least to cap our fee by limit amount (fee cap).

Flat payment – If you intend to request legal service on a regular basis and have at least a rough idea of the scope of service, we can offer a regular (e.g. monthly) flat payment, which will guarantee you a certain amount of service hours for a significantly discounted hourly rate.

Bar Tariff Fee – We further offer ad hoc agreements for each individual task of legal advice rendered according to the Bar Tariff.

Success fee – In special cases, we can offer a success fee based on the outcome of your case.


Information for the client upon receipt of personal data by a law firm

according to article 12 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the (EU) Council No. 2016/679 from 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the “GDPR”)

Personal Data Controller

OK LEGAL, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.
Company ID
nám. Republiky 679/5, 746 01 Opava
+420 608 871 181

Legal Basis of Data Processing

  • Agreement on the Provision of Legal Services /Article 6 para (1) let. (b) of the GDPR/
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations /Article 6 para (1) let. (c) of the GDPR/
  • Legitimate interest of the controller /Article 6 para (1) let. (f) of the GDPR/

Purpose of Data Processing

Rendering legal services based on a written or oral agreement concluded with the client.

Fulfillment of legal obligations arising in particular from the Advocacy Act and the related legal regulations, laws and regulations on the obligatory levies and accounting as well as other regulations, which are binding to attorneys-at-law and law firms when rendering legal services.

The legitimate interest of the controller is the execution of rights and claims arising from the contract concluded with the client.

Recipients of Personal Data

  • Shareholder and managing director of the controller
  • Employees of the controller
  • Collaborating lawyers the law firm is using to render legal services
  • Public authorities (e.g. courts, administrative bodies)
  • Providers of services necessary for rendering legal services (e.g. operator of the web e-mail data storage or accountant)
  • Other recipients based on the needs and instructions of the client

Term of Data Processing

The personal data will be processed as long as the relevant purpose exists. Afterwards, the personal data will be handled in accordance with the applicable laws, in particular the Act No. 85/1996 Coll. (Advocacy Act), Act No. 499/2004 Coll. (act on archiving and file service and on amendment of certain acts) and the GDPR.

Rights of the Client

The right of access to personal data means that the client is entitled to demand from the controller (the law firm) the information, whether the law firm processes the client’s personal data, or not; and if so also the information, which personal data are processed by the law firm and how such data are processed. Moreover, the client is entitled to demand that the controller (the law firm) corrects inaccurate personal data related to the client. The client is entitled at any time to fill in any incomplete personal data processed by the law firm.

The right of deletion of the personal data means, in other words, the obligation of the controller (the law firm) to destroy personal data of the client it processes, provided that certain conditions are met and the client asks for deletion of personal data.

In certain cases, the client is entitled to demand that the controller (the law firm) limits the processing of its personal data. In case that any personal data of the client are processed based on the legitimate interest of the controller (the law firm) or a third party, or in fulfillment of obligations in public interest, the client is entitled to raise objections against such processing.

The right of transferability of personal data provides the client with the option to obtain personal data it provided to the controller in standard and machine-readable format. The client is entitled to hand over such personal data to other controller or, if technically possible, to request that the controllers hand over the personal data to each other.

In case that the client is dissatisfied with the processing of its personal data performed by the controller (the law firm) for any reason, the client may file the complaint with the controller or with the Czech Data Protection Authority.

More information about the rights of the client are available on the website of the Czech Data Protection Authority (in Czech only: https://www.uoou.cz/en/6-prava-subjektu-udaj/d-27276).

The provision of personal data is legal and contractual requirement. The client is not obliged to provide personal data to the law firm. Nevertheless, in case the personal data are not provided in the extent necessary for the proper performance of the requested legal service, the law firm may be entitled to refuse or discontinue rendering legal services.

In Opava on 25 May 2018

Ondřej Kurka, attorney-at-law and managing director of personal data controller

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By the decision of the Ministry of Industry of Commerce of the Czech Republic dated 5 February 2016 the Czech Bar Association was appointed as the authority responsible for the out of court settlement of consumer disputes between attorneys-at-law (law firms) and consumers arising from agreements on provision of legal services (pursuant to the Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended). The website of the appointed authority is: http://www.cak.cz/en.